Mobile Hairdressers Hair Services Near Me

Mobile Hairdressers Hair Services Near Me

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Hair Services For All Occasions

A few hair service names (terms)

  Balayage / Baliage
  Be Blonde
  Blow Dries
  Bridal Hair Styling
  Chemical Hair Services
  Chemical Straightening
  Colour Correction
  Colour Removal
  Dip Dye
  Event Hairstyling
  Formal Hair Styling
  GHD Curls
  GHD Hair Straightening
  Hair & Scalp Treaments
  Hair Colouring
  Hair Cutting
  Hair Extensions
  Hair Styling
  Half Up, Half Down
  Keratine Relaxing
  Semi - Permanent
  Shoe Shine
  Tint - Permanent
  Wedding Hair Styling

Mobile Services Providers

Welcome to list your business if you are one of the following.

  Mobile Hairdresser
  Hair Stylist
  Makeup Artists
  Beauty Therapist
  Nail Technician
  Sun Tanners
  Hair Extension Technician

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More women, men, seniors and families around the world are using the services of a mobile hairdresser,   why you ask?

The 4 Main Reasons

  Personalised one on one service.
  Flexible trading hours.
  Clients save time on travel.
  Great service for housebound clients.
  Bridal Parties services all in one place.

While some people feel that mobile hairdressers should be a lot cheaper than a hair salon because they do not pay rent on a shop.

Most mobile hairdressers are more than fair with the service, availability and the convenience they provide.

Mobile hairdressers do have a big fuel bill, vehicle up keep, tolls, parking fees, mobile phone, website/s, advertising and more.

The biggest challenge for a mobile hairdresser is that they can not attend to the same number of clients as a hairdresser in a salon can attend to due to the travel time, distances between clients, peak hour and they work alone, no juniors to help out.

This all comes down to lower earnings hence why some may seem expensive. Mobile hairdressers are all seniors hairdressers, qualified, experienced with extensive training.

Like other businesses out there that provides a personalised one on one service with better availability will cost a little more, savings are in the form of your time. Even a charity is a business.

Hair services are a luxury and labour intensive. If you are going through a rough patch and you have been a regular, consistent client talk to your hairdresser and tell them, look this is my budget what can we do, he or she may suggest a few different things that may suit your budget.

You need to be realistic if you are wanting a full head of foils with colour in between a haircut and style dry on hair lenght pasted your bra strap and you only want to pay $99, then forget it, it isn't going to happen.

Well, it may if the hairdresser isn't paying taxes, uses cheap products, provides inferior techniques (taking shortcuts) to provide you with the services. You will find that after awhile the hairdresser will simply disappear.

One thing that should be noted, one may find or come across mobile hairdresser that hold no certification or licence, be careful and always ask for credentials.